Walk-in Clinic?


Our walk-in clinic is originally designed to offer an affordable healthcare option to those without insurance, providing walk-in care for basic medical services at a fraction of the cost of emergency rooms in a timely manner.

We want to offer a viable healthcare option for anyone needing urgent (non life threatening) care.
Our Walk-In Clinic is not suitable for life-threatening emergencies.

However, we are well designed to offer treatment for common, non-life-threatening ailments such as:
Wounds or skin Infections
Throat or chest infections

Severe cold or flu

Minor cuts and burns

Wound Care, cleaning and dressing

Sutures removal

Complete list of our services and fees

We don't treat

Medical life threatening emergencies

– i.e. seizures or Status Asthmaticus (Severe Asthma/Shortness of breath)

Injuries following a fall from a height or a road traffic accident

Serious head injuries

Gynecological or Obstetric (pregnancy related)emergencies

Injuries due to self-harm or inflicted by others

Medical reports which need more about your medical history are best to be obtained from your GP

In the case of severe injury or illness, or if you are experiencing an injury where the symptoms may be life threatening, seek out your nearest emergency room or call 112 or 999.


If you have a life-threatening emergency, our walk-in facility is not the best option, as they are usually not fully equipped with life-saving equipment for advanced treatment. Find your nearest emergency room, or call 999 immediately

Dublin 1 GP Walk-in Clinic

Temporarily Closed

Due to COVID 19 Pandemic

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 Call 112 or 999 in case of emergencies 
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